Tales From The Putrid Swamp

by Bear Brawler

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First EP from the stoner/doom band Bear Brawler.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Benjamin Prévot.

Artwork by Bën.


released March 15, 2011



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Bear Brawler France

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Track Name: Creepy Old Man
There's a creepy old man, living in my town
He owns the creepy old house, at the end of the road
With his creepy old dog, barking all day long
In his creepy backyard, where no one's ever been
Creepy old man, roaming in the neighborhood, never understood
Creepy old man, all the kids are scared of you, there's no place for you
When he goes to the mall, everyone avoids him
No one ever meets his eye, no one ever talks to him
He quickly gets some dog food, and goes straight to the checkout
He leaves quickly as he came, talking dirty to himself
Track Name: Swamp Thing
Those who live near the swamp know it well
You hear strange noises when the night falls down
The dogs all go mad when the mist comes through
The elders all speak of a weird and deadly creature
People have disappeared with no reason
Almost only girls, helpless and young
My old neighbor can't find her cat
I know it's looking for flesh tonight
Swamp thing, lurking
In the shadows, at nightfall
It carries a demon stench
Everywhere it goes
It leaves a trail of death
Devours flesh and bones
It carries a demon stench
Everywhere it goes
It leaves a trail of death
Then it slowly goes
Back to the swamp
Track Name: The Art of Fighting Grizzly Bears bare-handed
I was sitting at the bar
When a man came through the door
You know, the rural type
Beefy and covered in scars
He had a story to tell
Was trying to draw the attention
He said “tonight the drink's on me”
And so we all listened
And he told us how
He fought a grizzly bear
Armed with nothing but a knife
We believe him now
We haven't seen the bear
But he showed us the knife
He told us how
He hid through the bushes
Waiting all night long
For the bear to come out
Then he described
The fight that followed
He said “have a drink on me”
And so we all listened
It was a bloody fight
He almost died more than once
The bear fought mighty well
And its claws were sharp as hell
He looked at the door
And his face turned blue
We thought maybe he drank too much
But then we saw them too
Four cops rushed into the bar
And told the man “stay where you are !”
They put the knife in a plastic bag
And took the man away
And they told us how
Thinking she was a bear
He killed his ugly wife
We believe him now
We haven't seen the bear
But we have seen his wife !